Kanava Fry in Tamil | Kadamba Fry in Tamil | Squid Fish Recipe


<p>kadamba (Squid Fish) Fry Recipe in Tamil I கடம்பா மீன் வறுவல் I Squid Fry Recipe I கணவா மீன் தொக்கு</p> <p>Valli's Kitcken - Kanava fish fry description Ingredients:</p> <p>Oil - 3 Spoons Mustard Seeds - ½ Spoon Small Onion - 50 grams Big Tomato - 4 Nos Curry leaves Garlic and Ginger paste - 1 and ½ Spoon Potatoes - ¼ kg Turmeric Powder - ½ Spoon Chilli Powder - 1 spoon Coriander Powder - 2 spoon Kanava(Squid fish) - 1 Kg Pepper - 1 Spoonf Coriander leaves Salt to taste</p> <p>Method of preparing Kanava Fish Fry:</p> <p>Take a cooker add kanava fish switch on the stove put for 2 vessels. Switch on the stove place the kadai once the kadai become hot add 3 spoons of oil into the Pan wait till oil gets heat after add mustard seeds into the oil, fry till the mustard seeds make the popping sound.</p>


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